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discontinued 90/90 Pelvic Tilt Belt FAQ

What does the 90/90 Pelvic Tilt Belt do?

The Pelvic Tilt Belt secures your pelvic girdle while the double suspension webbing gently tilts your pelvis and gently gaps the SI joints.

What is the difference between the Standard Belt and the Mobilization Belt?

The Standard Belt is designed for someone with an acute condition. The Mobilization Belt has an added sacral gripper to provide even greater gripping ability helping those people with the more chronic condition, compressed lumbosacral junction, sacral strain, and SIJ misalignment. If in doubt on what type of belt to purchase, we recommend beginning with the Standard.

What sizes do the belts come in?

We created the 90/90 Pelvic Tilt Belts in two different sizes... SM/MD & LG/XL. The SM/MD is designed with a greater taper around to securely snug the hips. The LG/XL has added length to the belt and also has less of a taper to more comfortably and effectively grip the larger hip size. Please see our Pelvic Belt Sizing Guide to choose which belt will fit you best. If you find that your measurements are smaller or larger then what we have available, then we can custom make a belt to fit your dimensions. The cost is the same as the belts we have in stock. Please note that we cannot accept returns on any custom made items.

Do I put the Pelvic Tilt Belt on standing up or lying down?

We recommend lying down on the wedge when putting on the Pelvic Tilt Belt. Make sure that you secure the belt comfortably but snugly. You want it to grip your hips so that it can tilt your pelvis while in traction.

Is where I put the Pelvic Belt on the Wedge really that important?

Yes it is. The Wedge is there for a specific reason, it helps prevent you from curling your spine under and putting yourself in flexion. Please follow the directions on the placement of the 90/90 Pelvic Tilt Belt for optimal traction results.

I purchased a Backtrac from a company called Lossing Orthopedic years ago. Does the 90/90 Pelvic Tilt Belt work with my traction unit?

Yes it does! The Backtrac was developed by the current co-owner of VMG Medical and founder of Lossing Orthopedic, Wallace Lossing, C.O. He and his partner Beverly Sweetman, P.T. developed the 90/90 Positioner to offer the same 90/90 positioning results to home users. The current Pelvic Tilt Belts have been upgraded with more durable materials. They are now made with 3mm neoprene instead of the canvas backed velfoam that was available with the Backtrac.